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Wolf Den is a family run gym located in Alachua, Florida near Gainesville. We focus on Group classes, our Women’s only BUILD program, and Personal One-on-One Training for anyone with specific needs ranging from athletes to those with dietary medical conditions like Diabetes and Obesity. It’s important that you find the right facility that fits you.


We are a gym that is serious about change. Your change. Your best self. We build our members up, day by day, in pursuit of your excellence. We break barriers and challenge potential. We treat every member based on individual needs and abilities. As such, our only requirement is that you have the determination and desire to commit to positive change. We don’t teach motivation at Wolf Den. We teach the motivated. Our goal is to help you become unstoppable, durable, strong, and resilient. We are confident that no one can offer what we do. A culture of training a mindset that anything is possible and achievable.


If you’re looking for a gym that takes your individual needs seriously and offers a structured program to build your strength and conditioning, then we welcome you to join.

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